Monday, August 17, 2015

The Party Hat

Did you know, a party hat is generally a playful conical hat made with a rolled up piece of thin cardboard?
Its name originates with its use. Party hats are worn most often at birthday parties, especially by the guest of honor.
But for Party Company's trademark, it's not just an ordinary hat.

Here's some clue from Party Company's Marketing Manager about our logo:

"If you will notice, the Hat has letters PQRH, those are not initials of our names..

P - Price, we'd like to offer reasonable price for our products and services
Q - Quality, we always aim for High Quality of products and services
R - Relationship, good and lasting relationship between our Clients, Staff and Suppliers
H - Honor GOD, in everything we do, we'd like to honor our GOD, we want to become a blessing for our Clients, Staff, Suppliers and for our Community.

We hope, everytime people will see our Party Company logo, they will be reminded of these 4 elements which binds us."

-Ms. Kristine Sico-Rivera


  1. Nice share! Anyway dear, my birthday is coming and I am planning a mad hatter’s themed bash at one of barn themed party venues in San Francisco. Want to do DIY decorations so if you have some d├ęcor inspirations, please share.